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April 18, 2021: The scientific community agrees that the world urgently needs to stop burning coal: we have cheaper energy sources that are also compatible with more productive uses of land. Coal is simply an outdated and harmful technology long overdue for retirement. What are we waiting for?
April 16, 2021: The Interior Department says a moratorium on coal leasing on federal lands is not being immediately reinstated even though Secretary Deb Haaland has revoked a Trump administration move that reversed it. The Trump-era order, which terminated the...
April 16, 2021: Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton said she misspoke with a comment vowing to put the coal industry out
April 15, 2021: Beijing must close 588 coal-fired power plants in a decade to meet climate pledges, experts say.
April 14, 2021: Win-win situations that generate usable electricity by reducing greenhouse gases and make money simultaneously are ones that should be supported by our state and federal policies; not forced to shut down.
April 14, 2021: Federal prosecutors who brought the landmark case against coal company CEO Don Blankenship -- the first CEO of a major company to be convicted of a workplace safety crime -- talk about their case with Anderson Cooper. And coal miners who worked at the Upper Big Branch mine, where 29 miners were killed in 2010, talk ...
April 13, 2021: While the deadly coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the world, energy researchers in Europe have been assessing a drop in carbon emissions and an acceleration of the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable electricity.
April 13, 2021: A special kind of coal still plays a big role in steelmaking. Does that justify a new mine, during an era of transition away from fossil fuels?
April 11, 2021: The president defends his EPA rules preventing the building of new coal plants and explains to CBS
April 11, 2021: A jury in West Virginia convicted the former CEO of a coal mining corporation of conspiring to violate safety standards. The charges came in the wake of the 2010 explosion at the Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine. Anna Werner reports with more.
April 11, 2021: In a highly unusual case, a jury in West Virginia has convicted the former CEO of a coal mining company of conspiring to violate safety standards. The charges followed a deadly coal mine explosion in 2010, the worst such mining disaster in 40 years. Anna Werner reports.
April 11, 2021: Rescuers on Sunday were trying to reach 21 coal miners who were trapped by an underground flood in China's northwest, a state news agency reported.
April 7, 2021: New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu emphasizes Hurricane Katrina was an infrastructure failure, not a natural disaster. The mayor explains the city’s new role as America’s “the canary in the coal mine” for infrastructure reform and community policing.
April 1, 2021: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told America’s
March 30, 2021: China accounted for a slight majority of all coal-powered electricity generated in 2020, according to a report released Monday by British research group Ember.Although China, the world’s top emitter, has pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions...
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March 28, 2021: From the archives: A massive coal ash spill turned a Tennessee town into an apocalyptic
March 28, 2021: Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pennsylvania, says America needs to develop more of its abundant domestic energy resources.
March 26, 2021: Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-West Virginia, and Democratic Secretary of State Natalie Tennant discussed the president's energy policies and the coal industry in a debate on Tuesday night.
March 24, 2021: Rising coal prices could trigger BHP Group's planned exit from the unpopular business.
March 23, 2021: West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, who’s campaigning to succeed retiring Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller, told CBS News ahead of a joint event with Sen. Elizabeth Warren that she’s willing to fight the Massachusetts Democrat when it comes to defending coalminers.
March 23, 2021: Rep. Steve Daines, R-Mont., criticizes President Obama's energy policies, saying new regulations are killing jobs and inhibiting growth.
March 21, 2021: Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., warns that excessive environmental regulations are inhibiting job growth and harming the economy.
March 20, 2021: A U.N. agency overseeing the reef's conservation warns that the Australian government's plan to boost coal exports is putting the reef under threat. CBS News' Lee Cowan reports.
March 20, 2021: At the entrance to the mine where an explosion and fire occurred Tuesday, each time a survivor or body emerges on a stretcher, the crowd pushes forward to see if it's their family member or friend. More than 270 people are confirmed dead, and many in Turkey are blaming the government for the disaster. Holly Williams...