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April 7, 2021: Winemakers in France fought frost with fire when a drop in temperatures threatened grape crops this week. After a week of record-breaking high temperatures as a warm spell spread across much of Europe, a cold front brought plummeting temperatures to those same areas, posing a significant danger to many French vineya...
April 6, 2021
April 6, 2021: The Russian opposition leader says three people in his prison unit are being treated for tuberculosis.
April 6, 2021: The ultra-frigid cloud formed amid strong thunderstorm activity over the Pacific in December 2018
April 1, 2021: Following winter’s brief return, the north-central United States is about to get on another temperature roller coaster ride, but this time on the upward trend. AccuWeather forecasters say that temperatures may climb high enough to challenge decades-old record highs in some locations — a far cry from last...
April 1, 2021: At least three countries broke all-time March records, with temperatures in much of Europe running 20 degrees or more above average.
April 1, 2021: After this week's warm temperatures, colder weather over Easter could even bring snow in some areas.
March 30, 2021: WBZ's chief meteorologist Eric Fisher looks at the bitter cold expected to strike the Northeast.
March 30, 2021: Some parts of the UK enjoyed spring sunshine as the UK recorded its warmest March day since 1968.
March 24, 2021: After multiple lawsuits challenging the San Francisco School Board’s failure to reopen schools, a resignation by the superintendent, and a recall effort against several officials, the board is now facing growing cries for the removal of Vice President Alison Collins after anti-Asian American tweets resurfaced la...
March 22, 2021: The Siri-enabled smart speaker could have some new features up its sleeve.
March 22, 2021: These are the most common temperature scales, their history, and their use
March 22, 2021: The Siri-enabled smart speaker could have some new features up its sleeve.
March 10, 2021: You’ll have to excuse the residents of Minnesota if they don’t know exactly what clothes to be wearing these days. Within the span of just a few weeks, the city of Minneapolis has experienced low temperatures that challenged a daily record low set 146 years ago, and now, has broken a daily temperature re...
March 8, 2021: After multiple one-day teases of springlike warmth amidst an overall chilly end to meteorological winter, good news is in store for many fans of warm weather across the central and eastern United States. The extended warmup craved by the residents who are tired of constantly bundling up against the cold day-in and d...
March 8, 2021: The clashing air masses could cause flooding in the Central U.S. as temperatures plunge by 40 to 50 degrees in some locations.
March 8, 2021: The planet’s temperature was above average, but 2021 is off to cooler start compared to recent years.
March 4, 2021: Mild end to February saw Germany record sharpest temperature rise in a week, going from -23.8C to 18.1C Europe experienced well above normal temperatures last week, with the cold conditions at the start of February all but a distant memory. The mild and very dry conditions developed thanks to an extensive area of hi...
March 3, 2021: Some experts have linked the vortex disruption to sea ice loss and the cold snap which hit Texas this year.
March 2, 2021: Millions of Americans will experience a wild roller coaster ride of temperatures this week across the northeastern United States. AccuWeather forecasters say that big day-to-day temperature swings are in store through the remainder of the week — with conditions changing from winter chill one day to springlike ...
March 1, 2021: Growing numbers of surfers are taking to the Great Lakes — even when the weather is well below freezing.
February 28, 2021: The rapid warmups and hurried cooldowns that herald the arrival of spring are the perfect conditions for dense fog.
February 26, 2021: The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) moved from Maryland to the Sunshine State this year due to coronavirus restrictions -- but it doesn’t mean that this year’s conference is free of them.
February 26, 2021: Some places have seen 90-degree rises in temperature while snowpack is vanishing.
February 25, 2021: Reports of hard butter have been spreading across social media in Canada, with agriculture experts saying palm oil could be the cause.