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April 21, 2021: Ghana’s car industry is dominated by men but a group of female engineers is aiming to break the gender barriers.
April 21, 2021: As homelessness rises, climate-related disasters make matters worse. But Covid relief measures and Biden’s infrastructure proposal are providing cause for cautious optimismTerri Domer knows well what a brewing storm looks like.Domer, 62, an Iowa native, has spent her life watching thunderstorms gather and tornadoe...
April 21, 2021: A system that could become a tropical storm is churning off the coast of South Florida and is set to bring heavy rains to the area over the next several days. The storm could bring flooding, but health officials are also worried about an uptick in mosquito breeding due to the standing water and, with it, a possible ...
April 21, 2021: The Biden administration hopes the new goal will spur other countries to make similarly aggressive pledges.
April 21, 2021: A system that could become a tropical storm is churning off the coast of South Florida and is set to bring heavy rains to the area over the next several days; Longtime host of CBS
April 21, 2021: Forty years ago, as I was leaving my friend’s house to throw a baseball outside, his father stopped us for inspection. “Where are you going?” Peter’s father asked. “When will you be back?” And most pointedly: “Have you done your homework?” Peter had, but I had not. ...
April 21, 2021: The woman wanted the coordinates to a location in Sedona, Arizona, but instead wrote down those to a spot in the middle of the South Pacific.
April 21, 2021: Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend a U.S.-led climate change summit this week at the invitation of President Joe Biden.
April 21, 2021: A strong cold front will move from the Central U.S. to the East Coast, bringing in record cold air behind it.  
April 21, 2021: Following the most recent rounds of tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail that occurred about 10 days ago, the South has had little in the way of severe weather. Unfortunately, AccuWeather forecasters expect that lull to come to an end. The recent stretch of quiet weather will continue Wednesday and Thursday. By ...
April 21, 2021: This Earth Day, join us for a live broadcast as we explore the impact of climate change on our health, and how technology can spark new solutions.
April 21, 2021: Parts of Florida's Gulf Coast are preparing for up to 10 inches of rain as a tropical depression is expected to turn into a tropical storm late Tuesday. More than 1,000 sandbags were loaded by residents in flood-prone areas. Omar Villafranca has more.
April 21, 2021: President Biden’s plan would require Americans to transform the way they drive, heat their homes and manufacture goods. Here’s the latest from Washington.
April 21, 2021: Heavy rains continue to pound Florida as a tropical depression threatens the Gulf coast. CBS News' Don Champion joins CBSN with a live look at the severe weather.
April 21, 2021: The climate goal of electrification is a triad: transportation, industry, and buildings. Given that U.S. power demand has been flat for a dozen years, the challenge we have set for ourselves is truly historic. For the energy transition to have a chance, we better start digging.
April 21, 2021: Typhoon Surigae continued its sluggish northward journey on Thursday, local time, as the storm continued to lash the northern Philippines with rough surf, heavy rain and strong winds for the sixth consecutive day. As the storm finally begins to move out to sea during the second half of the week, it will leave behind...
April 21, 2021: Tropical Storm Hermine is gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico and could become the first hurricane to hit Florida in 11 years. It is expected to arrive Thursday night with winds nearing 75 mph before moving up the East Coast. Omar Villafranca reports.
April 21, 2021: Scientists were stunned to find a species of sea snake that hadn't been seen in 23 years curled up on the seabed in plain sight.
April 21, 2021: President Biden is set to host world leaders in a virtual climate summit this week, using Earth Day to relaunch the U.S. as a driving force in international talks.
April 21, 2021: Eric Fisher, chief meteorologist of CBS Boston station WBZ, has the forecast for Hermine's path through Florida and up the Northeast seaboard.
April 21, 2021: Florida Governor Rick Scott is urging residents to prepare as Hurricane Hermine could make landfall overnight. CBS News' Don Champion joins CBSN from Florida with the latest.
April 21, 2021: All 40 heads of state who were invited to the White House climate summit, which includes President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Xi Jinping of China, will attend the Earth Day meeting, an administration official said Wednesday.Speaking...
April 21, 2021: Hermine has been upgraded to a hurricane and is taking aim at Florida; MIT grad students Dennis Lally and Reed Hayes are pioneering the use of virtual reality with seniors
April 21, 2021: Following days of warmer than average temperatures, a cold front brought snow to New York state on Wednesday.
April 21, 2021: Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, JP Morgan Chase, Mastercard, Microsoft, and P&G are just a few of the companies to announce ambitious carbon management plans in the last 18 months. Why do some read like facts and others like fiction?