GridPoint Weather Products

Machine Learning Forecast System

Realtime weather alerts for your exact location

Our machine learning product allows you to train weather forecasts using data from a Davis Weather station. Continuously add new data and set real-time alerts based upon reaching certain thresholds. Whether you are an amateur weather enthusiast or require it for your farm or business purposes, this application can have a dramatic impact by integrating your weather data, forecast models, and artificial intelligence.

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Forecast Model API

JSON API access for any website or application

The API makes it easy for you to integrate applications with the most current weather forecast data. It is the same data as above, only in a convenient JSON API method to pull data into real-time to any website. To see the type of data you would generate, try the demo above.


Point Data and Graphs

Easy to download data for any weather use

We make model point extraction easy providing a wide range of numerical weather prediction (NWP) at your fingertips. Our system will pull the nearest model grid point to the location you specified providing you with temperatures, precipitation, snowfall and more.

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